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The U.S. Army has partnered with the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) to create the Digital Garrison mobile app. Digital Garrison integrates information from AAFES and two IMCOM-operated website networks: ( and Digital Garrison is a one-stop information source for Army communities. The app puts real-time information into Soldiers’, families’, and civilians’ hands and keeps military communities connected, a key part of readiness and resiliency. Currently, those that download the app, have the ease of access to specials from AAFES, events from MWR and installation information such as weather, installation directory, and announcements.

Download the free Digital Garrison app via Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Soldiers, families, veterans, and civilians living or working at a Digital Garrison-enabled post can access resources about their local exchange; Army Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation program; and other services. Digital Garrison also provides an in-app shopping function through, along with local AAFES shopping and restaurant details. It also features a mobile wallet function where shoppers can use their MILITARY STAR card.

Developers of the app are continuing to improve the app, so it is important user provide feedback. The app includes a feedback portion where users can communicate and to help better shape user interface and user options. Suggestions and/or concerns can be provided via "In App Feedback" feature under "Contact Us" or by emailing the Fort Benning Public Affairs Office at: or click here.

Do you have an idea to improve the App?

If you have an idea to make it better, or you have your own app, mobile web site or widget you want added to it, please follow the instructions below

Bottom line up front: Digital Garrison cannot be everything to everybody. Each new idea will be considered before incorporating it into Digital Garrison. Everything approved for adding to Digital Garrison must be described clearly and submitted for a thorough cyber-security review. This is a complicated process that must be taken on largely by the owner of the new idea. In other words, if you submit an idea, you are not handing it off; you are joining the team and will be expected to roll up your sleeves and help get the idea through its wickets. This could take months, so be ready! The intent of this form is to shape your idea into something our leaders can understand and make a decision from. In order to do that, you must download Digital Garrison and learn how it operates. Once done, this form will help you think through your idea and put the concept into clear language we can use for this purpose.

The Digital Garrison app governance body considers proposals that align with Digital Garrison’s purpose and adds value to our users. Digital Garrison only shares approved public information found on three website networks operated by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (, IMCOM’s Army Family, Morale, Welfare, Recreation (, and installation public affairs managed sites (

Directions to submit your idea:

  1. Download the free Digital Garrison app via Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  2. Gain a substantial understanding of how to operate the Digital Garrison app.
  3. Answer all provided questions in detail. Proposals may not exceed 6 pages.
  4. Send a complete proposal to Public Affairs Headquarters United States Army Installation Management Command via or click here.

Digital Garrison App Idea Intake Form

Digital Garrison App Idea Intake Form Template

Applicant Name




Mailing Address

  1. Describe your current Department of the Army affiliation.
  2. You’ve used Digital Garrison and understand how it works. Please describe how you see your idea or technology fitting in and working as a part of Digital Garrison. What do you want it do?
  3. Who will receive the most benefit from this capability if it is added to Digital Garrison? Why?
  4. Digital Garrison was designed to create no new work on the part of Army personnel who update websites like PAOs, webmasters, or DFMWRs. Will your idea create a need for manual input, or can it be done automatically within the current architecture (fed by data streams from,, and If so, describe in detail. If not, why not?
  5. What software, hardware, personnel or other real or perceived support will this proposal require?
  6. Some applications are better as a stand-alone. If your idea involves technology already in use, why should it be linked to Digital Garrison? Does the proposed
  7. idea/technology already exist on another platform/app?”
  8. List any known costs associated with your proposal. No budget tables accepted.
  9. Provide any additional information.

The Digital Garrison Leadership teams thank you for your support of the app. We will review submissions as able and communicate feedback after careful consideration and evaluation is made with project stakeholders.